When Do Pugs Calm Down? Are They Hyper?

Pugs are some of the oldest dog breeds. Their signature bulging eyes scrunched faces, and snorts make them a lovely companion for any dog lover. Pugs also have a lot of personality in their compact and stout package. They are goofy, childlike, and playful, with such a great sense of humor.

As a breed born to be lapdogs or companions, pugs thrive where there’s human attention and affection and are often loyal members of the family unit. They enjoy being with their owners as much as possible, whether it’s while watching a movie or relaxing on the couch, snuggling up in bed, or going for a walk. For this reason, a pug will easily become unhappy if left alone for extended periods.

Pugs are also very intelligent and willful, which means they can have a stubborn side. Seasoned pug owners will attest to the fact that they can be hyper and curious for most of the day, which could raise questions for new owners.

In this post, we’ll be tackling why pugs are so hyper, what calms them down, and what you can do to channel their hyperactivity.

Why are Pugs Hyper?

The hyperactivity seen in pugs is mostly a result of extreme excitement or reaction to another hyper something or someone. Pugs are mainly companion dogs, meaning they are more susceptible to separation anxiety, which could lead to hyperactivity.

In dogs, hyperactivity is referred to as Frenetic Random Activity Periods, which is a common phenomenon and is not exclusive to pugs. It’s most detectable in pups, but it can affect adult pugs too. High-energy pugs can be very active and even aggressive, and this is completely normal.

If you’ve gone for a walk with your pug, you can attest that they are always ready to play – they will pull on your leash, and your arm will be super tired halfway through the walk. They can get over-excited over silly things like a doorbell or a bath.

Does It Ever Come to an End?

If you’re thinking of getting a pug, know that you’re in for some exercise. But this shouldn’t deter you from getting one. The hyper energy levels will naturally stay until the pug is about one year and a half old, though some pugs will keep it going for about three years.

When they get to this phase of their life, they are happy to just sit around and not bother anyone at all. They could turn into nice laid-back pups that essentially suit their ancestry of being the favorites of Chinese royalty.

But as your pup matures, it should calm down. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t be prone to getting short bursts of hyperactivity. It means it will happen less often, as older dogs are generally okay with just cuddling up next to their owner.

Hyperactivity is considered normal behavior for pugs – there’s no need to be too concerned about it, especially because it will only last a few minutes. You should still be a little cautious, though, as too much activity could easily get out of hand.

pug skate

What does Hyperactivity Look Like?

An episode of hyperactivity involves a short burst of energy when the pug runs around in a wild run. The following are some of the signs to watch out for:

  1. Excited eyes,
  2. Suddenly breaking into a gallop from standing out,
  3. Quickly running tight turns and spinning to swiftly change direction,
  4. A squatted run like they want to attack something.

If you live in a small space, your pug could knock things over and make a mess in this frenzy. They may bump into tables, slip on hardwood floors, make a mess on your rugs, and even hurt themselves.

Is There Something You Could Do to Help?

In case it’s getting a little bit too much to handle a hyperactive pug, there are several time-tested methods of getting them to calm down. For starters, when a pug is being extremely hyper, the best way to handle it is to lean in.

Consider taking them out and playing with them. Give them the exercise and attention they are clearly craving for. This means that for the first few years of getting a pug, you want to be mentally ready to make time in your schedule and make the most out of the source of energy they will bring to your life.

If you don’t have a large enough backyard, take them out for a long walk. And as mentioned earlier, be ready to handle a little tugging on the leash. Alternatively, you could get some treats and a Frisbee and head to the nearest park. An hour of play will do so much good.

Since this is more of a necessity during the formative years, you may also want to contact a vet and a trainer so that you can put all that energy into training your pup well. You might just be able to get them to clean up after themselves around the house.

You can also try communicating with the pup to make them understand they can’t get their way with everything they demand. Communicate with them when you’re tired. It will signal to the pup that there’s a limit to how much you can keep up with them, and that’s where they should draw the line.

Avoid guilting yourself into doing everything your pup wants. Pugs are generally happy dogs, and they will always find ways to entertain themselves. Just let them be; they will be okay. Take care not to do this too much. Allowing them too much self-control could give them the wrong idea. If you encourage their hyperactivity, they might assume it’s what makes you happy.

The Conclusion

Pugs will be hyper and playful until they’re about 1.5 to 3 years old. During this period, you should give them plenty of attention and exercise while also teaching them how to behave properly and not overdo it.

It’s important to know that it’s completely normal and should not be a cause for concern. If your pug is being too hyper, try taking them out for a walk or playing a game with them. This will help them channel their energy and be more obedient—making life easier for both of you.

Overall, we are hopeful that you now understand the hyperactivity of pugs and know how to channel it in the right way. Give them plenty of love, attention, and exercise, and they will eventually calm down.

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