How Much Do Pugs Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

Are you looking for the perfect dog for your family? Do you want a dog that’s super cute and friendly? If your answer is yes, pugs fit the bill perfectly. While most dogs are friendly and adorable, pugs have been able to carve a space for themselves in the world of dogs. 

Pugs are small clownish dogs with cute faces and funny personalities. Pugs are playful, mischievous, and gentle and are great as pets. They’re great around kids and are considered to be among the top choices for families living in smaller homes. 

If you’re thinking of getting a pug, the first question to pop up in your mind is – How much do pugs cost?

Even though pugs aren’t among the most expensive breeds out there, they can’t be classified as the cheapest, either.

What are the Factors Influencing the cost of a Pug?

The average cost of a pug is around $800 to $1,500. However, depending on the breeder, the cost may shoot up to or over $3,000. However, these are standard costs for pugs, and the price of a pug can vary greatly based on a wide range of factors, including breeder reputation, location, bloodline, and coat color.

Let us delve deeper into the factors that influence how much do pugs cost to help you find a great pug at a great price.


The price of a pug varies depending on your location. 

In some countries, the prices of pugs are high, while in other countries. In some countries, the price may vary slightly depending on the state, city, or region as well. 

If you wish to buy a pug in a certain area, there is not much you can do. But if you wish to travel far to bring home a pug, you also need to consider the various travel costs.

In many situations, it is better to pick up a pug near you, even if it costs a little more than to travel far for a lower price.

You may shop around and ask for a price from some reputed different breeders near you.

Pedigree & Lineage

Another important factor that plays a crucial role in the price of a pug is its pedigree or bloodline. 

Pedigree dogs are purebred with at least three generations without any crossbreeding. There has been a major concern over the overbreeding of pedigree dogs. Inbreeding leads to degenerative diseases, lower life expectancy, and mutations. 

A pug with superior lineage and an impressively long list of ancestors will cost more than a pug without. 

Reputed Pug Breeder

You’ll find two types of breeders in the market – reputed and non-reputable. 

When you buy from reputed breeders, you can be sure they are responsible and ethical dog breeders. They are more likely to breed pugs for good health. 

Thus, despite their higher price tag, taking a pug from a reputed breeder is best for your peace of mind.

Color of Pug Coat

According to AKC, there are two recognized pug colors. 

But breeders today breed many ‘rare’ colors of pugs. Thus, the price of a pug with in-demand colors will cost more than the less popular ones.

Brindle, apricot, apricot fawn, and silver-colored pugs are more expensive than other colors.

These are just some of the important factors that affect the cost of a pug. But there are other factors, too, such as age, appearance, gender, training received, and others.

How Much Do Pugs Cost If I Rescue My Pug from a Reputable Rescue?

One of the cheapest ways to take home a pug is to adopt one.

Not only will you spend less, but you will also save a life! Most shelters or rescues eliminate adoption fees or charge a flat fee to adopt a dog. Others may charge you based on the age of the pug. 

Remember that adopting a pug from a rescue increases the chance of the pug being a mixed breed, and its lineage may be difficult to track down. But adopting a pug means you are giving them a second chance at a good life. 

You can call your local animal rescue or shelter and ask if they have any pugs waiting to be adopted.

My Pug Frankie

Why Are Pugs Expensive to Buy?

Pugs aren’t the easiest dogs to breed and come with many risks. 

Some of the reasons why they are different to breed are:

  • Pregnancy rates are low compared to other dogs.
  • Birth will often need a C-section.
  • Litter sizes are small (only four to six puppies on average) and are unable to meet the high demand.
  • Medical bills for this breed are high at birth.

What is the Total Cost of Owning a Pug?

Pugs live anywhere between 12 to 15 years, so adapting one is a long-term commitment you need to be ready for.

The first year of the pug is the most expensive, and you’ll have to budget around $3000 for the first year. After that, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 per month on healthcare, insurance, vaccines, dog food, grooming essentials, and supplies like harnesses, collars, name tags, and bowls for water and food. 

On average, the cost of a pug is similar to that of other smaller breeds.

Are Pugs Worth the Price?

Pugs are undoubtedly one of the most expensive dogs breeds out there, especially if you are looking for a superior lineage pug. But are they really worth it?

The price of pugs may seem high initially and will set you back by a few thousand dollars. But pugs are cute, and among the most entertaining dogs, you will find. While they may be mischievous sometimes, it is all part of their charm. They will love you just like other dog breeds and much more!

So yes – pugs are worth their price. If you feel you are ready to bear the cost of owning a pug, you are just one step closer to getting your own.

Once you can bring home a pug – you surely won’t regret it!

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