Are Pugs Ugly? How To Deal With Nasty Comments

Why are Pugs so ugly?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, having owned a pug over the years lots of people have options on the looks of a pug.
For me personally and I might be biased I think they are very cute looking and not ugly at all, but I have had lots of nasty comments over the years of owning my pug frank.

For me, the best way to deal with them is not to take them personally. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and i might think there dog is not the best looking but i would not be nasty and tell them my thoughts. It comes back to the classic saying if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

You learn to ignore the nasty comments after a while, i would say most people find pugs cute rather than ugly.

I find that kids really like pugs, my frank gets so much attention from kids when he is out on a walk. It is no wonder that pugs are such great dogs for kids. I always wanted a pug since i was a kid and waited until i was a adult and then i could get one of my own.

Why do Pugs have wrinkles?

Pugs have wrinkles because they were bred that way on purpose, the Chinese bread them to have wrinkles because the wrinkles looked like the characters for “prince”

I have also heard someone say my pugs wrinkles look like the Batman logo so that is pretty cool if you ask me.

Why Do Pugs Have Smashed Faces?

Pugs have smashed or squashed faces because of selective breeding. This is where breeders want a certain genetic characteristic and can make it by combining two breeds. For the pug, it is the look of the squashed face and wrinkles that some people desire. But this can also create health problems for the dog because there breathing is affected.

Why Do Pugs have bulging eyes?

Because pugs have such flat faces which result in very shallow orbits, that can lead to very stuck-out bulging eyes.
This can result in some eye problems such as ulcers, our pug has had many over the years from scratching his eyes on things such as branches and thorns.
Luckily we have always caught this early and with some eye drops the ulcers have healed up well without further treatment.

Some pugs also suffer from extra eyelashes that can cause irritation of the eye.