About Us

Hello all, welcome to Planet Pugs, my name is Karl I adore my pug Frankie and have learnt a lot about owning a pug over the years I have had him. I wanted to make a site to share my knowledge of all things related to pugs.

My Pug Frankie is 10 years old, he brings so much joy to our family.
I had always wanted one since I was around 10 years old, after watching men in black. it was many years later as a adult I finally managed to own one.

When we first got Frankie I had so many questions and there was a lot to learn about the breed. I had to do lots of research for questions I had before we got him. So I decided to make this site so you can get all the answers in one place.

I will teach you about:

Pug Puppies
Caring and Training
Pug Products that are worth having
Pug Diet
And much more!

Pugs are brilliant friendly dogs they are so lovable and great with kids (lucky as we just had one) but they do not come without their issues. So hopefully this site will help you answer any questions you may have and also teach you how to look after a pug.

Pug puppy
Frankie as a puppy
Frank with his bowtie

My aim with this site is to provide all the information I can on these beautiful dogs, they bring so much joy to people around the world and are often misunderstood.